‘Gee he was just here a minute ago…’

Yesterday George Carlin dead of heart failure, It’s very rare for someone death to get to me and with recent goings on with family it makes it even weirder.

The first time I knowingly seem him doing standup was at a party at Mark’s house where Mark, Willie, myself and I think Dave as well sat through one of his shows. We were in tears laughing but it wasn’t until I started going through his back catalog that I realised just how long ago I’d been listening to his stuff. I was downloading his routines back when I was 19 and had just worked out how to get usenet groups working. When I was 14 I was given a comedy book for Christmas that had his Football V Baseball sketch in it.

Along with Bill Hicks I feel that George was one of the few people in this world that made me think. His subject matter was never the most appealing at times but his delivery and rhetoric were what made him. Everything had a flow to it and he’d take you along wherever he went, even places you didn’t want to go. And you know what…you always laughed. Bill Hicks sometimes forgot to make you laugh when he started on his political material and Mark Thomas was always sure to take a break from dick jokes to get a dig in against the government but even when Georges material got a bit edgy a laugh was never far away.

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