She’s A Smart One

Erica has been so close to walking for a couple of months now. She’s been going 3 to 6 steps and then giving up or just plain falling over for a while but on Sunday she got herself up off the floor and walked 6 steps by herself which was unheard of. Of course this happened at church where I didn’t see it just like when Nairn took his first steps on his birthday whilst I was in the kitchen!

Today however she had crawled into the hall so I picked her up and brought her back in to the living room and set her down on the floor standing up. I thought she’d just sit down but no she was off. Twelve steps later she stopped! After much hugging and screaming from parents we tried to see if she’d do it again and she managed a few waddles before giving up.

Just as we’d gave up for the night I turned round just in time to catch her walking from one end of the livingroom to her playpen at the other end. She’s really getting the hang of this now!

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