I’ve never really wanted to put paid advertising on this blog. It’s the one thing I actually hate about all the amateur blogs you see on the net but I find myself joining in, all be it for different reasons.

Project Wonderful

A personal blog, unless your famous or are really good at what you do, is never going to bring in the thousands of visitors you need to make decent money from adverts. When I first started out with Project Wonderful it was in an attempt to see just how much cash these other sites are making and do you know what? They aren’t making a single thing in almost all cases. Again unless you have a large audiance noone spends more than a couple of cents on your site and whilst they add up over time most people will reinvest that money into advertising their sites with PW. Basically it works like most social network advertising projects except that you don’t have cash in your credits on ebay to make your money should you ever get enough. I think I’ve had PW on this site since February and I’ve kept it here for one reason only. It’ll pay for about a quarter of my hosting costs for the year after 12 months have gone by. Considering I pay something stupidly low for hosting as I don’t need that much you can understand why $12 in 6 months is worth keeping.

Around the time I started using PW I signed up for another site that dealt in paid links. I lucked out, I had a Google PR 3 at the time which helped, and Bacardi was paying me something like $10 a month to stick a link on my blogroll for thier new range of rum infused cakes. Then my hosting went tits up and as it was down for so long I lost the ‘contract’ and haven’t been able to get anything as good again. In fact I haven’t had anything from that company since.

Performancing Ads

Theres been alot of talk on blogs recently about Performancing Ads so like PW I thought I’d give it a go. Only just signed up for it today but its actually quite easy to setup. My only gripe is that thier WordPress plugin really doesn’t like my install by the looks of things. It keeps messing up my admin page making moving widgets about a real hassle. Anyway you can set your prices at whatever you like for a 125×125 ad. I think I lowered mine to $1 per week per ad but I think thats still to high to actually get anyone buying anything on my blog. The other side of PA is that if you don’t have any paid ads on your site they fill the space with free ads. Now you might think this is taking liberties but for every free add you host you earn credits which allow you to then get your ad placed on someones website for free until your credits run out. How that all works when you get to the technical side of things I don’t know but hopefully we’ll see as time goes on. I’ll give it a couple of weeks at any rate.

Scribefire Quickads

One ad site that I am liking the look of so far is from the people at Scribefire. Yes those folk that make the blogging plugin for Firefox. I got onto the beta for Scribefire Quickads which is impressing me. They amalgamate several big advertising programs together and basically do all the hard work for you . All you have to do is install the plugin and your laughing. In the dim and distant past I tried out adsence and no matter what I did I could only get paid by the click. I don’t know whether its because you are effectively running the adsense ads via scribefire but I’m getting paid by the impression at about $1 per 1000 impressions. I still have only a tiny site in the grand scheme of things but in the last week I’ve made 40 cents and its getting higher every day. I reckon it will bring in more cash than PW but at a cost as the ads about 4 times the size of a PW ad. Obviously I’ve not actually been paid by this bunch yet so we’ll see how things go.

As for why I’m actually trying all this? I have a few other blogs kicking about and they get a larger audiance than my personal blog ever will. I don’t mind niche blogs advertising so why not join in and see if I can’t actually cover the entire hosting bill :)

And before you say anything I know they make the site look ugly but I’m working on it! You should also know that some of the links above make me your referer if you sign up. Another test of the systems if you want to think of it that way.


I’ve removed the Performancing Ads widget as no matter what site I go to these days every single one has the same 125×125′s. Either their link exchange isn’t working or it’s a scam so they can advertise thier site until they hit enough users to give enough adverts to everyone. Either way it takes up space I don’t have on here and with the same adverts everywhere I don’t want to look like I’m blindly following yet another trend.

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  1. Is says:

    Good for you and I’d like to hear more success stories in the future :)

    Iss last blog post..Blogging Tip : Adding Comment Numbers

  2. Bob says:

    It’s not quite a success yet. Since I lost the Bacardi ad I’ve not recieved a penny in my bank from the other ads. Once they pay out though I’ll be happy.

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