The World Is Changing Around Me

In 2001 when I was at my most socialable noone had kids. In fact I only knew one person that had a baby and he was a friend of a friend so I never actually met the child in question. Fast forward seven years and everyones having them.


I can’t even count all the kids I now know on two hands these days! Last week Angharad gave birth to her first and last night Stephanie delivered a wee baby girl.

It’s amazing that everyone I know sems to be having them now. I suppose when you look at the ages people usually start a family then it only makes sense that people in social groups will all have babies within a year or two of each other. Still doesn’t make it any less of a defining step from one phase of life to the next.

And what have I learned from this as well as childrens TV? It’s just not polite to lick other peoples marshmallows. Well there goes my fun around campfires!

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  1. Monica says:

    I was usually the ONLY one with kids – I had them young. Then, now when my kids are almost out of the house, friends have tons of little kids.

    Oy, talk about being out of sync myself!

    Oh, and that marshmello thing? The trick is to do it where no adults can see. Then your good!

  2. Is says:

    Hi, just to let you know that the above pic has covered the space for entrecard dropping. Better for you to resize the pic to the exact size of your blog post.

    Iss last blog post..Blogging Tip : Creating a Vertical Accordion Menu

  3. Bob says:

    The stats for the viewers of this site show that at least 95% of them surf with a resolution high enough for that not to happen.

    As its a personal blog I’m not going to redesign my entire blog to cater for the 1.3% of users that still use 800×600 as their screen resolution I’m afraid. If I shrink the picture to fit that resolution its useless at the higher resolutions that most people read this page with.

  4. Is says:

    Thanks for your advice. It must be my screen resolution failed to shrink the pic. No offense ya.

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