An Experiment

The blog over at Entrecard is running an experiment to see just how big a site can get with just using Entrecard as a means to promote it. I’m very tempted to to try and run my own experiment alongside it.

My own problem is that entrecard doesn’t really have many blogs in my particular niche so it may not quite work as well as some of the more well used niches.

Time will tell I suppose.

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  1. Monica says:

    Hi there!

    I can say that without Entrecard I wouldn’t have found you and I completely enjoy your blog.


    For me it’s not about numbers, but about content. Meaning, there are certainly more folks coming through my blog – it’s the ones that participate that I notice a difference in. I’ve found new *blog* friends and alot of GREAT info through it.

    I’d love to hear how you do if you enter the experiment. :)


  2. I’m really curious to see how your experiment does. I’ll be here nightly in hopes of hearing more on your progress. I have a few blogs that could use an uplift!

  3. Bob says:

    @monica – This blog is more about the content and when I say that I mean I don’t write it for anyone but myself usually so theres no real push to get readers. If theres something I want to try out I’ll do it here first before implementing it on any of my other blogs which is why things like ads and plugins pop up and/or leave quickly on here. Entrecard has been very good on social side of blogging though :)

    @An American in France – I don’t know about checking back every night but I’ll certainly be posting about how I get on. As I mentioned on the most recent entrecard blog post the niche I’ve picked certainly isn’t tiny but I can only find one other site on entrecard that specialises in it so the early days may be tough :)

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