Finding The Perfect Dice Bag

Over the years I’ve used many bags and like almost every gamer under the sun have never found that fabled perfect bag. Don’t get me wrong I know a few of you out there have managed to find this most valuable of items but I certainly haven’t.

Amongst our gaming group I think I’ve seen every kind of dice container money can buy in one form or another. Some have favoured the perspex container that the dice set was bought in but I’ve always found them to be useless when your dealing with D6′s. Try getting a handful of them out of the container without dumping the entire collection onto the table! I’ve even seen a domino box being used in much the same way.

When it comes to bags it seems you can go two ways. You either have a proper large pouch or a small bag. I’ve noticed as the years go on the larger the bag is the more people seem to like it. I’ve never been a fan of anything larger than my fist, there just has never been the need for it. If I’m playing a D20 based game 10 dice usually more than covers any eventuality and if it doesn’t you can always reroll. The same goes for multi-dice system as you’ll usually never need more than a couple D4, D8, D12 etc and a handful of D6′s. You don’t need to cart about a busy gaming shops monthly dice delivery just to play your weekly AD&D game. I’ve seen a lot of homemade pouches over the years ranging from a bit of scrap leather tied at the top with an old shoe lace to a kangaroos nutsack purse that some one made whilst in Australia.

On a personal note I’ve yet to find that perfect bag but over the last 12 years I’ve had my dice kept and carried in the same container. Most people wonder where I got it from and what it shoud actualy be used for. In the summer of 1995 I bought my first pair of Oakley sunglasses and one year later almost to the day I fell off my bike and scratched the lens beyond repair. This left me with the bag they came in that was made of a soft, silky material that was actually used to clean and polish the lenses as they had a special coating on them that would be damaged with a normal lens cleaning cloth.

It was both well made and stretchy so I managed to fit both my V:tm and my AD&D dice sets in at once but still leave me with a securely fastened bag no bigger than my fist which was easy to carry about. It’s only draw back is you can’t store the dice in it during a game as its a hassle getting specific dice out without pouring them all out on to the desk first. It does look good though.

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  1. Ishmayl says:

    I’m currently using an old camera bag for my 600+ dice. In the bulk section (where the camera went), I keep all my many, many spare dice, and in the smaller, film compartment, I keep my two sets of “GMing Dice.”

  2. Bob says:

    hahaha that would just be unmanageable for me!

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