A Nice and Stress Free Day

Vonnie is at work today so I’ve got the kids and whilst Erica was sleeping I thought it would be nice if Nairn and myself baked a cake for his mum getting home from work. It started off well at least.

We brought the chair into the kitchen and got the ingredients together for a lemon drizzle cake. He helped with measuring them and weighing them and as he’d done such a good job of this I let him mix some of them together. So we eventually got everything combined and the baking tray lined and greased and I start ed pouring the mixture in when he hits the tray the mixture ends up everywhere. It was to much to clean up and we didnt have enough to start over if we did so hopefully it comes out OK.

I then made my biggest mistake. Nairn seems to forget that things need to be cooked. I’ve just suffered a full on tantrum because he couldn’t eat the cake there and then. He calmed down eventually and sat playing with his playdough then I turned my back and he trampled it into our carpet. He’s so shattered its unbelievable and I’ve no idea how I didn’t notice it before so I’ve just managed toget him to lie down on his bed and hopefully he’ll get a nap and be nice and fresh for his mum getting home.

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