I’ve Eaten My Own Body Weight In Chicken

We all went down to see Stephanie and Gary’s new baby today. We handed in a few presents and went for lunch in a nearby pub. I don’t know if its my health problems or what but these last few nights I’ve not really been sleeping well until last night when I slept like a log. I’m still shattered though and my chest is really tight which it hasn’t been for the last week or so. I had an enormous appetite though which I think has worked against me today.

So yeah the chicken… I got the kingsize chicken combo for lunch which consisted of 2 bits of corn, 2 chicken breast piripiri style, 2 chicken kebabs, 4 southern fried style strips and a big plate of chips. I think it worked out at about one and a half full chickens or there abouts. So not only was I tired but I was stuffed as well. If it wasn’t quite sunny today I’ve have thought it was christmas day and I was feeling the effects of having stuffed my face all lunchtime.

The whole house has been zombified because of that food this evening :)

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  1. dini says:

    That’s a lot of chicken… :p

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