Table For Four Please

Following on from my last post I’ve realised that over the years the only times I’ve sat at a gaming table where the GM has sat beside us and we’ve been able to get miniatures out if we wanted to was when our gaming group was kicked out of our usual home and we had to hire out a room in a community hall for 3 hours a week.

Every other game we’ve payed, that I can think of, has either been spent lazing around someones livingroom either on the floor or on the couch, squeezing into someones bedroom or last but not least in a classroom were the players had one big table and the GM sat at the teachers desk. I can’t actually think of a time when given the choice we haven’t prefered to go without a table. This possibly comes from many years of using the floor as a gaming board for wargaming mind you rather than using the dining room table or a purpose built board.

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  1. Hammer says:

    The classroom arrangement sounds really awkward for some reason. Seems a bit too confrontational.

  2. Bob says:

    It wasn’t actually that bad. It turned the players into an actual group rather than separate players round a table.

    With the style of gameplay we had it it also meant that players could talk amongst themselves to discuss plans etc without the GM actually overhearing very much. This made it more of a challenge for the GM and all who took on the role really enjoyed trying to anticipate the players reactions to their game.

    We also improved an awful lot when running games so it was very hard to railroad players into the story if they didn’t want to go there.

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