I’ve Been Knocked Down…But I Get Up Again

Aside from the bad song lyrics for a title today has been not bad considering.

I started back at work on Tuesday and it’s going well. I’m only working 4 hours a day at the moment and will probably got to 5 hours next week. It’s not until I get home every day though that I reaslise just how tired I am. I think, I hope, thats its a combination of Nairn getting up at stupid oclock every morning and shouting for me until I go through and carry him downsairs as well as the work because it its just he work I’ve got a long few weeks ahead of me.

Nairn seems to be recovering from his chicken pox after a hard few days over the weekend but Erica is stil not showing any signs up picking it up.

Tomorrow sees the surveyor person coming out to value the house. Hopefully it will value high enough and our money worries wil disappear for a while. If it doesn’t it will still ease them just not as much as we’d hope. It does mean the house has to be shiney and despite giving the garden a once over and the kids bedrooms a good clean its still a long way off.

When we got back from our holidays earlier in the year we lost one of our chickens to a fox that had been with us since the very first day. Today Vonnie had to put the other chicken we got that day, Mac, out of its misery. It hadn’t been doing well these last few days and today was just more than it could handle.

I also had my appointment with the cardiology unit at hospital to get an echo done to make sure there was no lasting damage. I lay down on the bed and the technition/nurse/person did the echo. She didn’t seem to bothered at the time but she didn’t really say very much. Once it was over she asked if I’d had an ECG done before and when I said yes she wanted me to have another one done there and then but didn’t explain why. I got to see the echo as it was done and it brought back lots of memories of seeing the babies before they were born. The only difference was this was me I was seeing. You could clearly see where my heart was missing its beat and it looked really weird. My problem had been explained as the chambers of the heart not beating at the right times every so often and effectivey cancelling out the beat. What I seen on the video screen though was my heart stopping and looking like it was straining to take a dump before bursting back into life. Not quite how I was expecting it to look.

So between that and the valuers I’m going to be knackered tomorrow night and I am supposed to be going out with the guys to wet Willie’s babies head. I’m skint and I’ve no idea what physical state I’ll be in tomorrow after work. Going on the last couple of days though I’ll be like a zombie so I’ve no idea if I’ll make it or not.

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