Dreaming The Game

This post will most likely mean nothing to most of you. To some you may just about get it though.

I have a habit, if you can call it that, of rehashing old scenarios in my head at night and reliving them as dreams.  I’ve been over and over the streets of Playa de las Americas as a Vampire many times and my journeys around Waterdeep are starting to get a little repetitive these days. Normally there will be a twist in the dream that makes it stand out from what was actually played but never to the stage where the twist overshadowed the entire story. This is until now.

I’ve been trying to come up a storyline for my Shadowrun game for a few weeks now and I seem to keep rehashing old ideas but I had came up with a novel and new idea for once. The idea is the twist so I won’t give it away but suffice it to say I’ve found Youtube to be the provider of my main protagonists for this campaign I think. Who are these people and what made me grab on to them? Well my dreams have been running around my very first Vampire campaign as a player where we had some very nasty but unseen Tremere pulling some strings. They kept appearing as shadows on TV’s and computer screens whenever we encountered them but they were always evil and just plain nasty. In my dreams however they would break out the ukuleles and sing a jaunty wee song to me in between the ‘two minute hate’ we’d get from them. It’s took me a while to work out just where this new angle has came from but I found it!

I’ve been listening to these guys for a while but for the life of me I couldn’t link the dream with this video. Now I know wheres it from I know exactly what I’m going to do in this new game.

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  1. TMan says:

    Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
    – Edgar Allan Poe

  2. Great video! Hah the hoods are a little much though.

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