Writers Block

I’ve had it all weekend long. It always happens just as I start writing up the start of a new campaign. I have a basic idea in my head but just watch me try and get that written down on paper and you’ll see me squirm.

Considering how I usually run games and how little prep work I do normally due to letting the players create most of the story I put a hell of a lot into the background for the campaign. My games time line runs whether the players do what they need to do or not. If they don’t step up and be the heroes then some other group will and we’ll just run the players story instead. They’ll criss cross the epic storyline many times and if they aren’t the ones driving it they’ll still meet everyone and have some input even if it’s not on the sharp end. I put a lot of detail into that time line for this very reason.

Now to find some way to reboot my writing brain.

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  1. mike says:

    Maybe start with just basic keywords on theme, atmosphere, story elements, character types, monsters, and or items you’d like to feature in your campaign. Once you got a small framework of just single words, write little blurbs for anything that jumps out at you! Hopefully that will kick start the brain a bit?

    mikes last blog post..Session 2: The Gathering of Heroes

  2. Ravyn says:

    Go over your older notes and try to find something in it that jumps out and says “Elaborate on me.”

    Read something that you would consider to operate in the tone of your game. Or watch a movie. Or equivalent thereof.

    Go on the internet and look at pictures.

    Listen to music that might fit the feel.

    Good luck! I know how frustrating writer’s block can be.

    Ravyns last blog post..Details and Fiddly Bits

  3. Tim Jensen says:

    I suggest taking a break from campaign writing, and running a pick-up session of Spirit of the Century with your regular play group. It worked wonders for me.

  4. Bob says:

    See my problem isn’t just campaign writing. It’s writing everywhere.
    I have three other blogs and this is the most I’ve written all weekend. I’ve got notes and scribbles all over the place on notepads, my PDA and post-its but I just can’t put them into any decent order.

    As for gaming its actually a cheap one-off I’m trying to run but I still need to get some background for the players. We’ve got possibly a couple folk new to gaming or at the very least haven’t gamed with us and I don’t want there first game, even if it is a single-shot game, to give them a false impression of how we run our sessions.

    This comment though seems to be flowing well enough so I’ll give the write up another go over lunch ;)

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