It’s gonna craaaaaaaaa

We’re having some major problems with the net connection at home again. In the evening it just hangs randomly and taking my browser with it. Every so often it comes back of its own accord but it’s fine during the day. Last time it happened I was told we were suffering frequency creep. All I had to do was be talked through your standard call center folder thingie on how to access the modem via IP address and manually change the range it should be working on. I’ve still no idea how it managed to lose teh frequency its supposed to be using but there you go. If Vonnie doesn’s sort that today I’ll phone up this afternoon and get it fixed.

So aye…quick update whilst at work.

Looks like the remortgage will go through for Wednesday/Thursday so I might be able to eat something other than pasta or rice by the weekend.

Bob’s super sperm struck again and with fingers crossed we should be meeting the new addition at the end of May next year.

The house is starting to get there. All the rooms are now at the stage where we can walk about and would only take a short time tidying up the little bits before they are ready for painting. I still need to finish off the kids rooms but hopefully I can talk my parents into taking them for a day/night and I can get it finished without worrying about the paint being dry by the time they get home from nursery.

Right thats my limit for today. I’ll expand a little little when I get home if the net is fixed.

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  1. Vonnie says:

    Hahahahahahahaha I like the supersperm bit

    Vonnies last blog post..Pay it forward

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