The RPG Online Community

Has actually kept my faith in humanity these last few days.

There are many forums I use on many different subjects and I have to say, for better or worse, the RPG communities seem to have less ‘trolls’ than anywhere else. A large online community that over the years I’ve helped run, promoted and generally seen it grow from a free forum that let people talk about the nights they had had in a local nightclub to a forum with a worldwide readership as well as the owner buying their own nightclub and running their own nights has exploded virtually overnight. It’s thanks to these people that just can’t seem to get on with anyone unless they gang up to bully others that I’ve gave up and walked away.

I’d be lying if I said this only ever happened in this one forum but it happens everywhere. People will get on swimmingly talking about any subject until someone takes a dislike either to the topic or one of the users and it spirals out of control from there. I have no doubt it’s happened somewhere in the RPG community at some time but I’ve never seen it. And it’s the only place that I’ve never seen it.

I don’t know if its because of the subject itself or whether its skills we learn through playing tabletop games that we have the personal skills to deal with things like this before they get to bad. Either way I thank you good people for keeping my sometimes misguided belief in humanity from dying.

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  1. Geek Gazette says:

    I think it has a great deal to do with the type of people that are drawn to gaming/RPGs. Take a look at Gen Con. You cram that many people into in area like that and you’d expect there to be something bad to happen at some point. Yet I have never had anything but good experiences. I’ve taken non gamers to Gen Con who commented on the fact that it was the nicest, most polite group of people they had ever seen. No fights and no arguing, just a lot of “excuse me”, “sorry about that” and “no problem” is what you hear in the crowded exhibit hall.

    The only negative experiences I have ever had in forums have been on the WotC and Palladium boards, but those were 1 time incidents. As a whole the gaming boards & blogs (sounds like a new RPG) are the best places for intelligent yet civil discussion.

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  2. Scott says:

    I hate to discourage you, but I suspect you’ve just been lucky.

    Just think of the edition wars, for instance…

  3. Bob says:

    All the fall out I’ve seen from things like that came from discussion and disagreement rather than people just wanting to be idiots and hurling abuse for the sake of it.

    I can appreciate heated discussion and even the odd full blown arguement but I’ve thankfully never seen the bile I witnessed yesterday.

  4. Super Nerd says:

    I find it funny that you say there are less trolls in RPG communities, when all fantasy RPGs have trolls in them…lol But I understand what you mean. My guess is….and it kind of pains me to say this…..but tabletop is dying, I’m really curious if it will still be around in 20 years. So my guess as to the troll-less forums; we can’t piss each other off or we don’t have DM.

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