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For those that are interested I’ve finally moved this blog from a subdomain of my personal blog to it’s own shiny new domain at

A few things broke during the transfer but hopefully I’ve got the feed back up and running and most of the graphics. I know the banner over at the RPG Bloggers network is down but I’ve sent them a wee email with the new address as the old file is refusing to play ball tonight.

Anyway I have children to attend to and a house to clean before my wife gets home from her night out. Who’d have thought it would take the best part of 6 hours to trasfer a web site!

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  1. Dave T. Game says:

    D’oh… of course there’d be a bunch of important emails about RPGBN the day that my email goes down.

    Shoot me an email at the address I used for this comment and I’ll take care of it.

    Dave T. Games last blog post..Review: “Mistborn”

  2. Tomcat1066 says:

    My condolences on the problems, but more importantly congratulations on the move. I made my own move just a couple of weeks ago and it can be a headache but it’s worth it. Something about looking at your own domain name and knowing that there won’t be another website on the ‘net with quite the same name so long as you own that domain.

    Again, congratulations!

  3. Bob says:

    @Dave Email was sent as asked last night and…just checked you’ve already recieved it and actioned it. Top marks for getting work done ;)

    @Tomcat Yeah I know what you mean. The blog it was running beside as a subdomain is mine anyway but it never felt like it’s own site until the transfer. Now it can stand on it’s own two feet :)

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