I Go Through Phases Of Gaming

It’s not so much the time between campaigns that I’m talking about but the genres. When I first started roleplaying we always mixed it up a little. I’d run a generic fantasy Rolemaster game and the next GM would pick up the Space Master books and run a generic, if a little 200AD influenced, scifi game. Our games never lasted very long and you could just as easily find me running a very basic homebrew Discworld game on a friday night as a throwaway game that would never be repeated. I KNEW there was something I wanted to blog about for the last RPG Blogging Carnival!

These days our campaigns can go on for months/years with no real break break. When we ran our D&D games I did my best to make sure I was able to get my scifi fix by running the odd game of Cyberpunk 2020 every few weeks. If I didn’t I’d have complete burnout. Our most recent campaigns have been entirely World of Darkness related which have at least allowed me to fake it. When I get fed up with my Brujah political activist I could easily run a Gangrel barbarian or a Tremere mage and think the world was full of castles and dragons. On the flip side I’ve seen my Brujah hacker using tech that your never likely to see in the public domain for many moons.

Whilst it’s been good to get that release, for lack of a better word, it still isn’t the same. I’m at that stage where I want to kit my characters out with bioware and fire laser pistols whilst escaping from a planet in my trusty spacefighter. The upcoming Shadowrun campaign should hopefully give me that fix but it’s not the game I want to run. I want to run something along the lines of Battlestar Galactica or Babylon 5. I want a military sci fi game with guns and spaceships and aliens. I want it all. And I want it now.

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  1. DnDCorner says:

    I hear you all the way. The games need a little mix up now and again to keep things fresh. I haven’t played Cyberpunk in a long time. Now I miss it!

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