The Things That Should Not Be

The ongoing financial problems in ‘The West’ have made me get my thinking hat on.

Tom over at The Geek Emporium has posted up a couple of entries over the last week that have struck a chord. Even if it’s something I’ve never really done before his latest reply to one of my comments has set my mind racing on a campaign. Whether* I ever get to play/run it is another matter entirely but hopefully I’ll have all the background posted up here so someone can run it even if I can’t.

My own posting schedule is going to be very light this week. Things on the home front are going to be very busy over the next few days so computer time will be very limited but hopefully I’ll have some good news to share about whats going down over the coming weeks.

*As a side note I always spell this word incorrectly. For some reason I always spell it wether which my spell checker highlights as incorrect. Well today I found out that my spell checker is useless as wether is an actual word. Nothing what so ever to do with whether however as it actually refers to a castrated ram. Bit of useless info for you there…

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