Fricking Lasers!

This round of the RPG Bloggers Carnival comes to you today from Philippe-Antoine over at Musings of a Chatty DM and of all the subject on the planet he could pick he chose super heroes.

I’ve never been one for super hero style games. I stopped reading those comics when I was 5 and moved on to 2000AD and the like. I don’t know if it was the costumes or whether the super powers themselves didn’t interest me but I didn’t like it. In fact the most interesting thing to me in those comics was the adverts for the x-ray specs or the Charles Atlas bodybuilding guide. I always want the rocket set myself.

Anyway… The topic got me to wondering if there were any aspects of the games I’ve either ran or took part in that had anything at all that could be super hero influenced. It took a few days and a few trips into the attic but I finally found something.

Back in the days when Cyberpunk 2020 was first published our GM was going through a period of trying to convince us to play Champions and reading his Superman/Spiderman comics. We finally caved but on our own terms. We refused to play Champions, to this day I have no idea why, and insisted that we stuck to our Spacemaster/Rolemaster roots. A compromise was made and our GM went out and bought the Cyberpunk rulebooks.

We wanted the scifi and he wanted the powers so the compromise was that the game was set before Cyberpunk 2020 was set. We would be playing at the time where cyberwear was unheard of by the public but had been developed by a few companies. Extra strong legs gave you superspeed and superjumps, nerve and muscle upgrades gave you super reaction times and lasers in your eyes gave you…well it gave you lasers in your eyes of course!

One of the corporations were using the players as test subjects for these surgical procedures when one day, whilst minding our own business lying on a bed in our operating room, the building was attacked by another corporation looking to steal the tech. After a brief but deadly battle in the hallways of the office block the players found themselves out on the streets with grievance against the corp that was experimenting on them and with the one that was trying to steal them to experiment on them. Cue three weeks of players trying to work out what the hell had happened to them, some were corp security and others were junkies or folk people wouldn’t miss, and working out just what their body could do.

It’s quite funny to see the looks on the players faces as they try to do something like jump a whole in the street and find they’ve leaped onto a neighbouring buildings roof instead. It was always meant as a serious game but each session ended up being a comedy of errors and there being to much laughter to actually get much done.

It’s always nice to occasionally take a setting and take it to its boundaries. Whether thats moving the timeline so that tech or world changing events haven’t happened yet or shifting the the player base from waterdeep and have them playing in a setting that none of them have ever even thought of trying before.

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