Real Life Getting In The Way Of Fantasy

I don’t know about you but recently I’ve noticed whenever I sit down to work on anything to do with RPG’s real life gets in the way. I’ve noticed a couple of folk talking about something similar on their own blogs.

My normal routine generally involves waking up at 6am and getting the kids ready for nursery/school, feeding the chickens and making sure my wife leaves for work or has whatever she needs done for the day. I then head to work. Lunchtime if I’m lucky I get to catch up on my blogs and maybe write a post myself. Then its home time and I’ve the dinner to cook before helping my wife get the kids in bed. If everything goes to plan I’ll maybe get an hour to write up RP ideas or play Guitar Hero and then we’ll either retire to bed to watch some TV on the laptop or just collapse asleep where ever we are. During this time though I still get time to at least think something up if not actually write it down.

Now take yesterday for example. I did everything on my normal list until lunchtime. The 30-45 minutes I usually take was supposed to be spent writing up the characters for my throwaway Shadowrun game and jotting down some ideas for a new world order/apocalypse style game I’m trying to get going. What actually happened was I spent my entire lunch trying to fix the payroll system as it was refusing to pay peoples hazardous conditions allowance. I finally made it home and before I could start making dinner I had to chase a turkey that had got free from it’s run back into its coop. It had managed to climb onto our 8′ tall boundary wall and was about to escape. After a trip to the local shops for cat litter and dealing with the kids whilst my wife dealt with parents night I just collapsed. No attention span at all and barely the strength to climb the stairs to my bed. This happens almost every night these days.

How do we find the time and energy to game never mind find the players?

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  1. Questing GM says:

    That just really sucks. I hope when your kids grow older one day, you guys can have a family game going on. That would be cool ;)

    Questing GMs last blog post..Word of Wizards – Menace of the Icy Spire

  2. Bob says:

    Getting my wife to even consider playing would take a world changing event I think. I’m working on getting the eldest and possibly a couple of his friends into playing though :)

  3. Hammer says:

    I think there is something built into the male geek that demands that they continually try to get their partner into gaming though various means.

    Best result I got was getting Emma playing DS games, and getting a whole 8 levels in World of Warcraft, which she did enjoy but got bored and confused with.
    As soon as I rattled the dice bag at her she ran a mile.

    Hammers last blog post..Gamer Grub: Feta, Leek and Spinach Pie

  4. Paunchiness says:

    I agree with this post finding time to do anything is hard esp gaming. Thanks for the post.

    Turkey Tummy

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