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I feel like I’ve ignored my PC and my blogs all weekend. I havent even spent more than 5 minutes on my personal blog. I just haven’t had the time to sit down in front of a PC and write. That’s not to say I haven’t got anything done, far from it, but nothings progressed as far as I would like it to. I did managed to take my wife’s laptop with us on a visit to her fathers so a couple of posts were written up during the drive but the computer has been nowhere near the internet yet to post them.

The campaign settings I’ve been writing up have got me thinking on how best to set out the information. I’d played with wiki’s earlier last month and messed about with static pages as well. Neither of which really tickled my buttons. They were either to awkward to use or just plain nasty. My days of html coding are long behind me I’m afraid. I have decided though to integrate them into this blog. I use it every day, my players read it every so often and well some of you guys do to. Anyone that wants to use the setting can and anyone that wants to steal it and use it it their own ways can. I just want to make sure its presented in a usable way so with that in mind it’s not going to done as posts so it’s unlikely that you’ll see them unless I either link to them in a post or you wander about my site.

At the moment I’ve got the outlines for two of the campaign settings done and I’m working on a bit more detail for one of them before making them public. I would dearly love GM’s and players alike to read over them one they are up however and give me honest feedback. If its crud tell my why and if you like something point it out and explain why it works. This isn’t just an exercise in writing a game setting for my friends to play in but an exercise in training my creative side to produce something worthwhile that someone else might use. Even if it’s not written down it’s in my head so I can use it but that also means if one of you guys try it your going to be short on info. That’s the kind of thing I’d like you to look out for.

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