The Missing Shelf

For the last 9 months or so my roleplay book collection has sat in the loft. Up until that point it’s lived in boxes or the crates that I’ve moved house in and they’ve only been taken out when I’ve used them. It’s because of this that I’ve only just found out that I’ve lost at least half of my books.

All my vampire based oWOD books are still there. Well that’s a lie right from the start as a few of my clanbooks have disappeared.

I only have my Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebooks as my second copy of the rules seems to have walked.

I’ve got my photocopied versions of the Rolemaster Companion books but the originals seem to have been eaten. I’ve actually only got pages 13-18 of Companion II left sitting loose in the main box. I’ve also lost once of my 3 copies of Arms Law & Claw Law.

I have one Space Master Adventure Module and the galaxy map but no rules books.

Almost the entire Runequest collection has disappeared. All I have now is the Griffin Island campaign map despite seeing the book that went with it only a couple of months ago.

Twilight 2000 has gone completely.

My Battletech collection has been reduced to the Black Widow adventure module.

As for AD&D. Don’t get me started.
My complete collection of the original Dark Sun books has gone with the exception of The Gladiators Handbook.
The only Dragonlance gaming material I have left is the original hardback Dragonlance Adventure book.
Whilst I never owned our groups collection of Forgotten Realms books I had a good 30-40% of them. I don’t a single book left.
I do have the Birthright and Dragon Mountain box sets but neither have been played other than using the Birthright map as the basis for my own campaign.
I also do not have any of the generic class and race handbooks that I used to have. In fact I can’t actually find either of my players or DM’s handbooks.

I do have a couple of Ars Magica books that don’t belong to me ( I have a sneaky suspicion they belong to my brother) and the GURPs Cyberpunk sourcebook but no GURPs core books.

Where have they all gone? I’ve at least got PDF’s of the important books that I use when I game but where have my hardcopy versions gone?

I think it’s time to get the gun out and go big game book hunting on ebay to replace the missing.

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  1. PatrickWR says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a damn Green tragedy on your hands there, mate. Luckily, the secondary market for RPG material is fairly soft…you shouldn’t have to expend too much to snag the books you’re missing. Best of luck to you!

    PatrickWRs last blog post..Review: Keep on the Borderlands

  2. witchypoo says:

    Has somebody been cleaning without consulting you?

    witchypoos last blog post..Tarot Lesson

  3. bonemaster says:

    Sounds like what happened after I came back from my time in the Navy. Somehow 90% of my material disappeared. Of course by then, I had acquired a bunch of gaming stuff while I was in the Navy. (Let’s just say I had a locker that was suppose to be for hanging up shirts and pants but was used as my Gaming Library)

    Didn’t think anyone really had Rolemaster or Spacemaster material anymore. I’ve kept mine, but have no plans to ever run either game ever again.

  4. Vampir says:

    I blame Game Gremlins!

  5. Bob says:

    I’m honestly beginning to think a box or two of books has been left behind during my moves over the last 5 years. I was sure I had them all before I moved house last time.

  6. Vampir says:

    Might be a good idea to number the boxes next time… and have a list in each box of how many boxes in total you have…

  7. Laurel says:

    Stopping by to say hi from CommentLuv

    Laurels last blog post..Tuesday’s Treasures

  8. Bob says:

    @Laurel – Just remember…if your trying to take part in the CommentLuv competition it’s supposed to be a relevant comment. Can’t just do a drive-by-hi as they don’t count ;)

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