Giving Back To The Readers

Got to keep this RPG related so the network won’t have a heart attack!

Right well as we all know our blogs are effectively like little communities with conversations going on after each post and we all have out favorite hang outs. Thanks to the guys that bring you the CommentLuv plugin we can now give back to that community.

Andy has set up a contest for anyone that uses the plugin on their blog to ‘reward’ their readers with prizes. The full low down can be found here. what it basically boils down to is anyone that is registered on the CommentLuv site and comments on a CommentLuv enabled blog that is registered as a participant of the competition has a chance of winning something for every comment they make. It all seems relatively easy so go register and see if you can win something for us RPGers.

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  1. Tony Law says:

    Great idea! I love CommentLuv and I’ve set it up on my site as well. :)

    Tony Laws last blog post..4E Character Builder now in Beta – My Review

  2. witchypoo says:

    Also, you can stand a chance to win by clicking on the links of the contest participants

    witchypoos last blog post..Mining the Search Strings

  3. Talina says:

    I love comment luv already so the contest is just an added bonus, too bad Witchypoo wins every day anyway. :-P

    Talinas last blog post..Watch Freebirthing on Discovery Health next week!

  4. Danny Cooper says:

    I’ve just joined this competition today, goodluck on winning a prize mate :)

    Danny Coopers last blog post..Blog Commentating – The Results

  5. DutchBitch says:

    I think it is a great contest. I registered my site for it too. And it’s a great way to discover new reads ;-)

    DutchBitchs last blog post..CommentLuv Winner Notification. Comment author just won a prize!

  6. Andy Bailey says:

    congratulations , your comment qualifies as winning the prize!

    Andy Baileys last blog : Featured Site

  7. Larry says:

    checking out the Commentluv plug-in users — I just won a set of headphones as a contest participant — YIPPEE!

    Larrys last blog post..Matrix passport

  8. Bob says:

    I can’t believe the number of people that can’t read the rules about spam posts for this competition *shakes head and presses the delete button yet again*

  9. Mara says:

    Do you use the normal trackbacks or you use any specialised plugins? I been getting a lot of trackbacks for my sites from unrelated websites so just wondering

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