I’ve finally got a computer I can turn off and not have to worry about it maybe not turning back on again!

Thanks to my lovely wife I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago.

And it was finally delivered yesterday. No longer do I need to use an old 14″ CRT after my flatscreen blewup. No longer do I need to fight with the on switch to get it to boot up. No longer do I have to fit all my computer time into the space of breakfast and dinner.

The thing is a beast though. Its a mid range version of a mid range model so whilst its got a few bells and whistles they are very basic. Nothing as fancy as Vonnies XPS laptop at any rate despite it having similar specs. What makes it a beast however is that I’ve went from being used to a 13″ laptop to a 17″ widescreen laptop. The keyboards got a bloody number pad its that wide! I don’t actually think it will fit in any of my laptop bags.

Anyway it runs games at higher resolutions and at higher frame rates than my desktop which I’m surprised by but its certainly not something I’m going to complain about. It won’t be running the latest games but anything I have to throw at it just now it will handle with ease.

Now to get a decent mouse for it.

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