ROUNDUP – RPG Bloggers Network Carnival – Religion

So it’s that time again when the carnival rolls up it’s ‘for One Month Only’ signs, puts the clowns back in their boxes and moves on to pastures new. The next carnival can be found over at Critical Hits on the subject of ‘Transitions and Transformation’.

So how did we do this month? We’ll I can honestly say that I never expected it to be this busy. Between hardware problems and my wife starting a new job last month I never did manage to contribute as much as I had hoped to myself but you guys more than made up for it!

I’ll steal an idea from our friend the Chatty DM and pick out a few highlights for me from the entries but don’t worry you’ll all get a mention…

Andre over at An Undisciplined Oaf Quartet wrote a good piece on dealing with players that seem to know more about gods and mythology than you do. Certainly gave me a few ideas!

Greywulf has managed to give me that final block in my religious military orders. I’ve long been stuck using Edding’s take on holy knights but this look has gave me something different to work with and isn’t just focusing on the knights.

Both The Core Mechanic and Exchange of Realities outdid themselves with the sheer number of entries and each and every post they made has put new ideas in to my head on how to run religion in my games.

The subject over at A Butterfly Dreaming was Atheism which is something I’ve been meaning to look at myself for years.

Tony at RPGCentric has taken a look at how Clerics have changed through the various versions of D&D.

Every blogger that took part has managed to give me a new insight in to how we as roleplayers both see religion as well as use religion in our games so well done for that!

And so on to the roll of entries:-

An Undisciplined Oaf Quartet
Religion in Gaming (or: How To Dodge Mythology Guy)
Religion In Gaiming 2 (or: How to run with Pat Robertson in your group without causing a stir.)

Donny The DM
Dualist Heresy

It’s my fault Black Leaf died
Clerics have lost their faith in D&D

The Core Mechanic
The Crs’tchen Debacle…
Real-life Clerics: TSR Hobbies needs you
The New Cleric is the Old Cleric
The New Cleric is the Old Cleric – Part 2
The New Cleric is the Old Cleric – Part 3
The New Cleric is the Old Cleric – Part 4
The New Cleric is the Old Cleric – Part 5

The Opiate of the Masses

Turbulent Thoughts
Religion in Eden

Initiative or What?
Here Walk No Gods

Inkwell Ideas
Flavouring a Game World with Religion

A Butterfly Dreaming
Losing Your Religion
What Religion Means

Exchange of Realities
Superstition in a Fantasy World
Color in the Pews
On The Creation of Gods
Do Gods Need Religion
Interlinking Gods and Domains
The First Requirement of Religion
When Religions Meet
Religion and Divergence
Having Sects
Religion and the Individual

Religion in our Homebrew

The Seven Sided Die
The B.A.D.D Files Part 1
The B.A.D.D Files Part 2
Three ways to give depth to your game’s religions

Of Men And Gods

Stargazers World
Monotheistic religions in roleplaying

Monsters and Manuals
Govgim Dahl, The Reluctant Demi-God

Mad Brew Labs

Worlds in a Handful of Dice

The Good Gaming Blog
Religions Effects on Dungeons and Dragons

That’s me in the corner

Religion and Fantasy, Opinion and Belief
Future Gods: Building Myth from History

Gaming Bruhaha
Religion and Super-Heroes
God As Game Designer
Gods, Who Needs Them?

Questing GM
4 Fundamental Questions That Religion Should Answer in a Fantasy Setting

Now it’s time to get started on this months topic!

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  1. greywulf says:

    What can I say? WOW! Excellent Carnival, guys :D

  2. jonathan says:

    Friggen AMAZING carnival this time… wohoo!! congrats to EVERYONE who participated!

    jonathans last blog post..The Last Day for Nominations! So, what’s next for the RPG Blog Anthology?

  3. Tony Law says:

    Wow. Lots of good stuff there. :)

    Tony Laws last blog post..How to talk to non-gamers about playing RPGs

  4. d7 says:

    And you were worried it would be a slow month!

    d7s last blog post..Oblivious sandboxes and Savage settings

  5. Bob says:

    Here…I only started having doubts when I realised it was that Nanowrimo time of year. I guess even those taking part in that need another outlet ;)

  6. Nice carnival Dice Bag. Thanks for organising it.

    Chris Tregenzas last blog post..Lead Toy Soldiers

  7. Dead Orcs says:

    Excellent Carnival, guys! I’m looking forward to participating in the next one!

    Dead Orcss last blog post..What the Hell We Supposed ta Do, Ya’ Mo-dron!?

  8. Bob says:

    It must have done :S

    I can’t find any comment or trackback for your entry at all.

  9. Chgowiz says:

    Argh. I should have went to the right blog. :headdesk: This is my day for royal screwups. “The next carnival can be found over at Critical Hits on the subject of ‘Transitions and Transformation’.”

    Chgowizs last blog post..Collaborative Review – _Kobold’s Guide to Design, volume 2_ subtitled: "How to Pitch, Playtest and Publish" by Wolfgang Baur

  10. Bob says:

    Well at least I didn’t miss anyone out then :)

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