Like Toy Soldiers

The kids in my street are worrying me. I think it is a general thing worldwide but I’ve just started to notice it now in the UK. Kids just have no concept of money.

I caught the kids playing with D&D miniatures in the street last night on my way home from work. Nothing wrong with that you might think. And you’d be correct in thinking that. What gets me is how they were playing with them though.

When you buy miniatures you realise they are expensive and take care of them. If they are bought unpainted you spend hours painstakingly painting every single individual link in it’s chainmail and personalising its livery. You carry them about in a lined carry case or at worst wrap them in toilet paper and put them in amongst your dice. Even the prepainted models you look after because you know how expensive they are in the long run.

These kids were throwing them off walls, chucking stones at them and generally doing everything a child would do with toy soldiers. The obvious problem with this is these are not your £1 green plastic soldiers. They weren’t even the slightly more expensive £5 for 20 model soldiers from the local model plane/boat/tank shop. These were from the £8 D&D blister packs and they had about 50 of them all over the street in various states of disrepair.

A few of them are possibly a bit young for roleplay games but some of my stepsons friends might be about the right age to start getting into it. They already play the collectible card games so the step up might not be that big for them.

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  1. Hammer says:

    On one hand, I want to say that they shouldn’t be messing around with them on the street and things, but I know I’m just thinking that because RPGs are serious business and I don’t think of my miniatures as toys.

    On the other hand, the D&D Miniatures are fairly sturdy and quite pliant. A couple of my mine have had swords and so on bent out of shape and they’ve been easy enough to fix.
    And kids will be kids.

    Hammers last blog post..You Gotta Roll With It…

  2. bonemaster says:

    My 6 year old likes to do crafts, so He will attempt to paint miniatures with me. Luckily, I have an assortment of old miniatures that I never plan to do anything with and he gets to paint those and abuse them as only a child can do.

    As a side note, my son and I have played little made up games with miniatures and some dungeon pieces I have. So all is not lost.

    bonemasters last blog post..I cast ‘Disintegrate’ on your Gaming Group and you failed your save…

  3. Vampir says:

    While I do share your concern about kids not knowing the worth of money, since they bought those figures they are allowed to do whatever they want with them… maybe getting them damaged and destroyed will help them realise they don’t grow on trees…

  4. Bob says:

    Thats fair enough if they were cheaper but £50 to a 7 year old kid is silly money to learn a lesson from.

  5. Vampir says:

    I would say it is silly if the parents give 50 quid each week/month… if it’s something for a few months then I would expect the child to spend it all, cry that it spend it all and learn that to avoid spending disappointment it needs to learn how to manage their income…

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