For the Emperor!

I have a painful confession to make. I used to be a wargamer. I’ve done it all in my time from fantasy to Napoleonic to sci-fi. I’ve been clean for 3 years now and with with the power of the Great Old Ones I hope for many more. I was recently tempted back to the game by an old acquaintance but managed to deny my urges.

Space Marine

It did bring back some memories that I could really have used for the blogging carnival on Homebrew. Back in my school days we spent the weekends roleplaying with the spaces between campaigns playing either Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40k. We never had much in the way of armies but we were enthusiastic and enjoyed the settings that much that even although we had the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay books we created a stripped down version of 40k with a few of the WFR skill rules thrown in and ran it as a roleplay system for around 3 years.

It was by no means a good system. In fact other than the combat system nicked straight from Rogue Trader everything else was fluff. The skills you had basically covered whether you could use the equipment you owned and nothing else. You never rolled against the skills and everything was determined by your stats which on occasion and the GM wanted to include an element of chance you might roll against but again it was a rarity outside of combat.

Thinking back at our games I cannot believe how far from the 40k setting we ended up. You have to remember that this was all years before Dark Heresy or any of the smaller hive world style games GW brought out. All we had to go on was the monthly White Dwarf magazines and the W40k rule book and compendium. We had no idea what kind of worlds were out there and apart from the mention of hive worlds we had no real idea what one of them was. We had our characters play Space Marines that would wander about a planet for a while before striding off on their own private titan and then taking off in the spaceship of the parties Harlequin Solitaire. We didn’t have a clue but we loved it. I think you could possibly put it into the branch of rpg games described as minimalistic in that we didn’t even have anything other than the combat rules written down we just didn’t need them.

Ah the memories.

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  1. Badelaire says:

    That does sound pretty cool. I play 40K regularly and sometimes see people freak when you do something that’s not “canon”, but in the end, what you do in your little corner of the game is yours and yours alone.

    Neat post!

    Badelaires last blog post..Breaking Through The Wall

  2. Bob says:

    Tell me about it. Before the Dark Angels chapter was finally written up properly I still had a few of my marines painted in the old black style and decided that they would be an assault company that differed from the rest much in the same way that Deathwing differed. I had folk shouting at me in the shop when I brought them out to play. And then Ravenwing was created and most of them shut up somewhat ;)

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