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As I go through the RP blogs out there I’ve noticed one thing. Very few sites have anything at all to do with painting your miniatures. You’ll get the odd one or two but for anything decent you have to start frequenting wargaming websites for your hints and tips.


I’m no Picasso but over the years I’ve managed to produce a few half decent painted minis but I’m always wanting to go that step further and learn a little more. I very rarely use minis in my games though but with D&D 4e gaining more and more ground people who would never think of using minis in game are doing so.

So whats your thoughts on the current crop of minis out there. Is there a wide enough range so that there is something for everyone or do you shy away from them because there isn’t a big enough choice to stop players ending up with the same figures game after game?

If you buy unpainted minis to you care how well you paint them or are you happy to slap on a few colours and hope for the best?

It’s only a short one but I’m curious as to how other roleplayers feel about painting minis as I’m hopefully going to get some free time soon where I can get back into the art.

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  1. Bonemaster says:

    Well, I can say for myself, painting miniatures is something that my groups tend to do. We use them in our games. While no miniature is perfect for the characters we have, when we have a character we like to use, we tend to go and find a miniature for that character. Some turn out good, some not so good. I’ve made it a goal this year to improve my painting/moding skills this year since, I think they are lacking.

    Bonemasters last blog post..Maps may not be what you think they are.

  2. Mad Brew says:

    I buy unpainted minis, and I am pretty particular about how they are painted. I play some Warmachine (Cryx!) and I aspire to the quality that is produced by their in-house painters.

    And if anyone has seen their displays at cons….. you’ll know what kind of quality I strive for (but have yet to attain).

    Mad Brews last blog post..Drum of Feeble Flesh

  3. greywulf says:

    I’m busy painting 42 Persian Immortals for my De Bellis Antiquitatis wargaming – I’m about halfway through. While I’ve made a few posts about that side of the hobby, you’re right there’s not nearly enough info or posts out there.

    Maybe it’s time to rectify that, eh folks? :D

    Me, I love painting minis. It’s very soothing and the results are much more personal (and a heckovalot cheaper!) than just grabbing shoddy pre-painted plastic minis.

  4. Bob says:

    I think that’s where conversion and scratch building come in. If I couldn’t find a model to suit my character I’d have to modify one until it did :S

  5. Bob says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever be that good :(

  6. Bob says:

    I love just painting full stop. It doesn’t have to be for a game of any kind but I never have the time these days to sit down and do it.

    I might try and take some time and post up a few entries on painting miniatures soon but it’s weather there is are readers there for it or not ;)

  7. Bonemaster says:

    I should mention that while I don’t have any painting guides on my site. I have shown a few of my meager miniatures on my website. Just look at the Image Gallery to see how bad I paint.

    Bonemasters last blog post..Utility Spells Part 3 (Farming Spells)

  8. Chgowiz says:

    The latest 28mm unpainted minis just throw the old ones from the 70s/80s to shame, but I also like the look of the older minis. Those say “D&D” must as Rumph-like art says D&D to me. There’s a guy on Ebay, I want to say Mega-minis, who sells 25 piece lots and they look like old Grenadier/Ral Partha minis – I love ‘em. I also use the GW minis, mainly monsters. I think there are more minis on the market today than ever, so I don’t worry about overlap.

    I do wish someone sold a decent set of hirelings, though. :(

    Now that I have decent glasses, I’ll get back to painting. I paint for tabletop use, but I do like them to look decent. If I get special pieces, like the Otherworld’s Troll, I’ll put the time and effort to really make it shine. I’m always learning something new in going through the GW book and reading the Reaper mini’s forum.

    Chgowizs last blog post..DM Screens and charts

  9. Bob says:

    It’s always been a problem getting non-GW miniatures round these parts. Until a few years ago the only other store that sold anything along the lines of roleplay or wargaming materials only ever opened when the owner could be bothered turning up.

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