So little time and so much to do!

This weekend I have been killing, plucking and gutting our cockerels. That’s us back down to our original bunch of hens now so no 6am wakeup calls. Never again though or at least not in that sort of number. Might do another turkey for Christmas.

And when I say back to our original number we’ve replaced the two Orps that we gave to a friend with a Maran and a Leghorn so we’ve now got hens that lay white, pale, normal, brown and blue eggs. We should have rehomed the Pekins as well today but the takers backed out at the last moment.

So all in all I’ve been up since 6am to start dealing with the cockerels and we got back from England, where we had to go for the new hens, at the back of 7. Kids are now in bed and I’m just enjoying an irn bru sorbet and a can of red kola before retiring to bed for an early night.

I say early night but I’ve got an application for a new post at work to be finished by tomorrow so my boss can go over it. I guess I’ll just take tomorrow at work to do it and go to sleep instead.

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