I'll Take 'People Who Want To Kill Me' For $500, Alex

It’s a big hat…it’s funny…

Over the years I’ve threatened player groups with super baddies and the occasional grumpy vampire on Speed but I’ve never followed through with failed attempts at taking out these baddies. It’s always came down to the Final Battle™ and that was it. If the enemy survived to fight another day they never came back for another bite unless it was going to end the same way.

I’d never really thought about it until I looked out of my window to see the local wildlife sneaking up on an unsuspecting friend and jump him from behind. I’m assured it was all in jest despite the screams of @I’ll kill you for that’ coming from the victim. How often do you ever have your players hunted by a competent assassin?

When I say competent I really do mean one that actually could end the life of a player should the dice roll well and the player doesn’t take adequate protection.

It’s my random thought for Friday night.

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  1. Donny_the_DM says:

    Problem is, every time I send a competent assassin against the party, it’s either a full or near tpk, with the players all asshurt.

    They want to win. But yeah a competent assassin would wipe an unprepared party.

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  2. Beth says:

    Our DM is always throwing heavies at us. We’ve come within a few HP of TPK. At level 8 she had a level 18 assassin ambush us. Never a dull moment.

  3. satyre says:

    I have to smile at this because my PCs were recently being hunted by competent but under-prepared (and disposable) assassins to ‘feel them out’ – they could still take out their targets (a mortar is nothing to sneeze at in Mage). Then the proper assassins show up and everyone stopped laughing – the story hasn’t ended yet.

    Having been involved in a cyberpunk game where my methods of assassination ranged from binary-agent poisoned chocolates (yep, the adolescent I was targeting got it, along with her bodyguard) to a competent sniper (returning fire to half a mile away? Nah.) you have to remain inventive.

    Yes I’ve played killers who hit from unexpected angle, with generic untraceable weaponry. I’ve plotted deaths of NPCs and PCs with equal dispassion. All part of the character and it’s wonderful fun. The player across the table from you has feelings of course and you need to respect those but if you can kill them in a very cool manner, it’s good.

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  4. Bob says:

    I’m never too sure whether to throw a useless hitman at them for a few games until they get the idea that if they don’t buck up their ideas then they might not make it through the session.

  5. Bob says:

    I’ve never been that bad! I don;t think :S
    If any of my players want to back me up on that now would be a perfect time…guys?

  6. Bob says:

    Just because they managed to beat up the bad guys henchmen and steal their sons bride back doesn’t mean they’ve won ;)

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