Conflagration – QM Union, Glasgow University 21/22 February 2009

Just a quick reminder to those in the area that Conflagration is running from tomorrow over at Glasgow University. Prices are £5 for the weekend or £3 for a day pass.

The more I read up on whats happening the more I’m reluctant to head along but that shouldn’t stop you guys if you get the chance. In my case I’d be canceling long held plans to go and I’m not seeing anything to make it worth my while.

Should also note that it looks like the Food Court area will be shared with the University’s Pause Gaming monthly LAN session. So expect a load of computers and their symbiote owners kicking about the place as well.

I might make it along to Conpulsion in Edinburgh at the end of March but as it’s a ‘birthday weekend’ in my house it will probably be off limits.

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  1. Hammer says:

    Vampire LARP? Oh dear.

  2. Bob says:

    Wouldn’t be the first time. Rev Scapegoat used to play one years ago based out of Glasgow so I wouldn’t be surprised if the same guys that ran that are involved somewhere.

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