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So what are they ask? I’m not any kind of xenobiologist or even a biologist. In fact apart from section 6.2 of our science books in our first year at high school my entire biology experience comes down to cutting up bulls eyes in that same year to learn about lenses. I’ll tell you what I know about them though.

The number one thing you need to remember about them is the human you see running, crawling and screaming at you or in extreme circumstances eating you is not a human any more. It’s dead to you even if it doesn’t know it yet. During one of the many exhibitions into uncharted space a ship never returned. They were on a five year mission was to go where no man had gone before and chart the galaxy for future colonisation. Obviously they were on the look out for new lifeforms as well as despite searching for all these years we’ve still never found anything more intelligent than an insect. Anyway after their five years were up all the other ships came back with the exception of this one. Over the years the lost ship passed into legend until a salvage ship came across it deep in space floating apparently without power. The crew were only looking for a new power core but thanks to their unfortunate find they escaped from their frozen tomb. I keep calling them ‘they’ and there is a reason for that. No one knows what to call them. In fact no one really knows what ‘they’ are.

Over the years attacks on ships on the outer reaches of our systems gradually picked up until one day we lost contact with one of the frontier worlds. They had upped their game and what was an unexplained minor annoyance for the salvager’s became a deadly threat for every citizen of the federation. The various worlds fleets have fought running battles with their new foe and still have no idea what is really going on. Some times an abandoned mining ship will float into a planets orbit and when boarded nothing will make it out. Troops will disappear and go MIA if they board the ship and if they are left to themselves the ship will find some way of attacking the planets defences or the planet itself with the ship or it’s armament.

After many battles with the enemy we soon started to identify various differences in the warriors our soldiers were coming across and eventually we managed to take a few of the enemy alive for inspection. Now I have my sources but believe me that what I say should be taken with a pinch of salt. I’ve seen no evidence of any of this and some of my sources I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw them but if you ever come across a ship full of these guys you’ll see that it sort of fits. There are huge beasts that can tear you apart with their bare hands and there are tiny sneaky little buggers that will wait until your back is turned and be on you in a flash. It’s as if they have thought of every niche and filled it with something that will eat you. That’s not to say every huge guy is identical and every sneaky wee bugger looks like a zombie ninja, it isn’t a video game after all. That would just be silly. What you have to remember is that every one of these beasts used to be a human being and as with humans everyone is different. They do seem to fall in specific groups though as if their body shape and size determines how their beast mind will function. It’s almost as if they are separate species. Like begets like as they say. I’m sure the scientists have their theories anyway

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