Gaming Traditions

Everyone has them whether they realise it or not. Whether it’s a specific order a player will use his dice or where everyone sits around the gaming table. What I’m curious about is what traditions you guys have for your game days.

Mine have always depended on location but the basic core traditions still follow through.

1. Drinks.

It has to be a glass bottle of one of Barr’s many flavours of juice. Preference will always be for Irn Bru or American Cream Soda but I can live with the occasional bottle of Limeade or Cola. Aside from the taste the bottle was always just the right size for the 3-4 hour weeknight gaming sessions we have so if we have an all day/night session multiple bottles are bought. I’ll never bump up the size to a 2 litre bottle though as it wouldn’t be right. It has to be the glass bottles.

2. Cadbury’s Animal Cookies.

This started off as a joke one day when one of the group started bringing them along for their own munchings but once we realised the GM accepted them as bribes we all started bringing out own boxes. Despite GM’s rotating and the bribes no longer working it has become a staple of the gaming session. The only problem is they are becoming increasingly hard to find without traveling great distances but gaming sessions aren’t the same without them so we still sacrifice in order to bring them along.

3. Dice.

I’m not at all superstitious about my dice. I’m not. Honest. But I have a set of green/black speckled dice with red numbering that only I will ever use. I also have a blue gem set of D6 that have the same restrictions on them. Why do I not let anyone else use them? Well it certainly isn’t because I think people will waste teh good rolls in them or that it will make them unlucky. It’s because they feel great in my hands and I’d rather folk borrow my crappy dice.

4. Table.

Given the choice I’ll never use one. I much prefer the casual nature of lounging on the sofa or the floor and using books etc as rolling surfaces for the dice. Sitting around the table has always been a very confrontational thing for me with your GM hiding behind a screen and the players sitting together at the other side of the table. Spread the players about and get comfy is my motto.

5. Post game takeaway.

We’ve never been one for bringing/ordering/cooking a pizza for our session as for several years we were not actually allowed food into the room we had hired for the gaming club. What that meant though was that a trip to the chip shop was always on the cards during the journey home. The smell of a greasy chip shop after a game always signaled the end to a good night and the one we chose smelled like no other. The Village Takeaway was the cheapest looking chip shop I’ve been to in almost all my years but my god the chips were great. There were nights where we had just finished banishing the undead from the swamps and headed there for an ashet pie supper only to find Ally McCoist and Paul Gascoigne had been out for a night on the tiles in the pub next door and had taken the last of the food. They would always cook us up a batch of fresh chips if that was the case but not getting your pie or sausage to go with them would put a downer on the night.

So what are your game day traditions?

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  1. Wimwick says:

    A case of Coke – $2.99
    2 Bags of Sweet Chilli Heat – $2.49
    Dice & other gaming essentials – Upwards of $50
    Not having a TPK tonight – Priceless

    The best is when someone has leftover cake and cookies that they bring. Otherwise, pop & chips are the standard, which my gut can sorely attest to.

    Wimwicks last blog post..Necromancer Paragon Path

  2. Darran Sims says:

    I have two types of session.
    One is my home campaign that is very character driven story based and sessions are irregular.
    The other type of game I run is at RPG Conventions where the players have chosen to play in my game and in some cases have paid entry fee to the convention or even to the game.

    For my home game I draw and print off maps, print off my own character sheets and other handouts. I provide the dice [my current players are fairly new to the hobby] and have plenty of pencils, notepads, post-its, bennie stones, and poker chips. I now record the sessions on a digital recorder.
    At my home game I have a fridge full of beer and soft drinks plus I make a big meal or cook up some nibbles and some of the other players bring munchies, sweets, fruit, and drinks.

    For my con games I bring everything! I have plenty of handouts. I have plenty of maps [no battlemats though], pictures of NPCs, pictures and views of locations, planetary information, computer readouts, ‘Multi-pass’ ID badges for players, paper money for players, weapon cards, stacks of money for treasure, a ‘hunters journal’ with entries on Supernatural entities, posters and flyers advertising my games and conventions, blutac, scissors, tape, pins, velcro, dice, pencils, notepads, post-its, bennie stones, and poker chips. I now record the sessions on a digital recorder.

    At con games sometimes players bring and share sweets, munchies, fruit and may even buy the GM a drink or two [nice!].
    Players should buy their GMs a drink at a con game if they enjoyed it.

    Darran Simss last blog post..Old Maps and Adventures

  3. mnology says:

    1) Beer, in various brews. A 6 pack per player normally.
    2) Black licorice
    3) Smartfood white cheese popcorn! Normally it’s only one bag, but my players always seem to hide the bowl/bag too close to my screen, denying me the cheesy satisfaction of a handful of kernels.

  4. Bob says:

    Other than drinks and cookie bribes I don’t think we’ve ever really been a group that ate whilst gaming. It must just be the habit of not being allowed food in the hired hall from yesteryear.

  5. Bob says:

    I always thought it was a given that the GM should receive drinks all night at con games. Even if it is only as an attempted bribe.

  6. Bob says:

    I’ve not had alcohol during a gaming session in about 10 years! I stopped after working my way through a 12 pack and collapsing during the final battle. Never again :(

  7. Laurie says:

    I always grab the seat next to our friend’s 12 year old daughter, and we spend the whole night blaming each other for passing gas. :D

  8. Bob says:

    Now that’s a tradition I may need to try out for myself ;)

  9. Lunatyk says:

    I’ve only just joined a live group so I’m not too aware of what the traditions are as of yet… but strangely enough, I got slightly lost the first day and was frustrated enough that I bought a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar… I ate the bar before I reached the gaming place and seeing all the food people brought (I had no idea people bring food to the gaming table) I offered mine…

    It was a sign…

  10. We have one player that always manages to create really weak characters. I guess that isn’t a tradition, but it kind of funny to watch him do it game, after game, after game…

    Samuel Van Der Walls last blog post..RPGBomb – A Social Networking Site For Roleplayers

  11. Alex says:

    I remember everyone always having their dice in a little circle, with the highest number facing up. Not sure who started it, but we’d jokingly freak out if we notice a buddy not doing it.

    “You crazy man? Do you want a natural 1?!”

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