Help Needed For Comic Relief

I’ve managed to take a few folk into playing a game this afternoon in aid of Comic Relief. The idea is to run a Discworld based one of game that will last no more than 3 hours and this will most likely include character creation unless I can get that done over lunch.

The problem I have is I have no books with me and other than winging it with a made-up-in-my-head system I’m going to struggle. Anyone know of any free and easy to learn systems out there that I can use for the afternoon? I’ve already had recommended to me but what else is out there.

I’ve got 2 hours to prep this game so any helps appreciated.

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  1. Micro20 – A complete D20 fantasy system on three sides of paper –

  2. Bob says:

    A few folk suggested that so I’m giving it a go in about 5 minutes time :)

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