The Comic Relief Session

A few of you may have picked up from my previous post that I had been talked into running a game for a few folk at work. I’ve talked in the past about blogging to a few people in the office when the topic came up with Friday being Red Nose Day one of them thought it would be fun to run a game for a few hours.

A quick aside for those that do not know what Comic Relief or Red Nose day is. Basically it’s a TV charityathon where Britian’s comics encourage people to do fun things for money in an effort to help those that need it both domestically and abroad. You usually find a lot of employers back the charity and the employees get to raise money on company time. In my case the work still had to get done but we had loads of things going on throught the day ranging from sponsered shaves to getting the directors to be the office junior for an hour. Being the goverments overseas aid department as well it was nice to see that every penny raised that goes to education overseas would be matched by us.

Anyway on to the roleplaying. I was collared in the canteenby someone who suggested I run a game for a couple of hours that afternoon for those that had paid to get an extra long lunchbreak. We had five players lined up and a DM, myself, who had neither dice nor a set of rulebooks handy. After some frantic searching online and a few friendly suggetions I downloaded the Microlite 20 rules and set about crafting a session around Terry Pratchett’s Dircworld novels. The three players that actually turned up for the game had never played an RPG before but every one had read at least one of those books so I didn’t have to do much in the way of scene setting.

The M20 rules were perfect for my needs and reminded me of something that has always bothered me since my very first Rolemaster days. Why have 500 skills when only 3-5 of them will actually do you just as well. I didn’t bother with getting the new players to read the rules as I thought that would just confuse things so we settled for very basic characters and someone found us an online dice roller.

To keep things simple I pregen’ed Commander Vimes, Carrot, Angua and a few others and had them run through a crime set in the period just as the Watch was being reborn. We had an unexplained and messy murder outside the Unseen University’s walls and our players had to find the killer within our 2 hour timeslot. The players got really into the game and considering it was their very first session I was really impressed. They had managed to track down some clues that led them to believe it was a slab deal gone wrong and just before the 2 hours were up they they had arrested the Shale Gang which were a bunch of young up and coming troll gangsters.

The players loved it and I’m hoping we get a chance to get together again and run another session without the time deadlines and with far more prep.

Have any of you guys ever had to run a game under these sort of conditions before?

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