The Games Of Campaigns Past

I’ve been going over past games and remembering the old systems I used to play and I’ve came to realise that I really miss playing some of them. It could be the rose tinted spectacles but I do really miss them.

  • Runequest
    This was the second system I bought. It took me about 2 years to actually work out how to run a game and it took a good 6 months for me to understand how to draw up a character. I loved the look and style of the system though. In fact any game that has giant ducks as a monster becomes a must buy! To this day I have no idea what actually happened to my rule books as all have left is the Griffin Island adventure.
  • Ars Majica
    This was a game that I’ve never actually owned. One of our regular group and my brother split the buying of the books to ease the cost but they have long since parted way as best friends. This has left me to inherit half of the books needed to run the system which other than giving me something to read doesn’t actually let me run any games. I really enjoyed the medieval style of the world and gameplay but we never played it for long enough to explore much further that our initial starting areas.

    I’ve played this game a grand total of once. I’ve never been much of a mech fan but when I got my hands on a Battletech game for my computer many moons ago I loved it. In fact I think I have a copy for one of my emulators kicking about. I think it’s because of the fascination I had with that game that I loved Mechwarrior so much. I could take or leave Battletech though.

  • Cyberpunk 2020
    Now heres a game I was facinated with throughout my teenage years. I still think I’ve only ever racked up two or three games mind you with the system. It hasn’t stopped me trying to merge the setting with WOD against my groups will for the last seven or eight years though. I love tech stuff and combining that with my favourite hobby means even when I’m playing a D&D game I’m wondering how I can get a gnome inventor to come up with a decent robotic arm or to fit a targetter to my bow. to this day it’s my favourite setting.
  • Rolemaster
    This one is sort of a cheat. I ran this one not that long ago but I get the feeling my players really did begin to appreciate why it ended up being called Rollmaster by it’s critics. I loved the level of detail you could get with your characters and coming from computer geek stock the fact you have so many charts and tables made my heart all fluttery.

I think it’s time to fire up the ebay-mobile and see just how many of my missing books I can track down.

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