Update #7932

Not been on here in a while. I just haven’t had the time to be honest.

Lets see. Works been crap what with me no longer working in HR and being moved to Accounts to help out. I started off really positive and looking at it as a new start and a new challenge. As the days go on though I’m beginning to feel as though I’m purely there to help out and not as an actual team member. I guess that comes down to noone actually knowing for definate who’s responsible for me while I’m in Accounts. They can’t make any plans for my future because my reporting line seems to change daily and without all the training I need to work in Accounts there is avery little I can actually do. Hell I’m currently helping out another section my clearing payments which is something I learned to do 8 years ago and have’t actually ever done until now.

Friday night was Stoo’s Stag Night Mk2 after their trip Berlin. I gather it started well with a trip to Jongleurs and I joined them after the show for a few drinks. I ended up doing a small pubcrawl by myself as I arrived to early and had about 90 minutes to kill so I went around Ohenry’s, The Solid and Rufus for a drink to see if anyone else was out. Aside from the folk in Ohenry’s I met up with Shawsy in Rufus where I experienced the Nightmare on Hope Street cocktail for the first time. So anyway I met up with the guys and had a few drinks and it was time to leave. A bit of banter was had at the exit at the bottom of stairs with a few of the other groups. Scott walked through the double doors to be greeted with a fist the size of Norway followed by the body the size of Russia. The guy was big. Anyway to cut a long story short Scott ended up in A&E to get a couple of stiches in his head and the guy spent the night in jail.

Saturday we went to Wickes to pick up some fencing for the garden and muggins forgot to buy fenceposts and hinges for the gate. That went down well with my heavily pregnant wife who had herded the kids around the place for an hour. Anyway we went to B&Q today and picked up the bits that were missing and a few extras. I also managed to finish of the ‘pallets’ I was building at the bottom of the garden and move the shed and coop down onto them. Not bad considering I did it all myself and that included getting them down the hill!

It’s all boring stuff I know but as I keep saying my brain is turning to cream cheese so I need the written reminders ;)

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