A Conversation With My Wife

I’ve been reading up on my rights with regards to dyslexia in the workplace and anything and everything else I can think off that may be an issue. With the ‘severity’ of my problem if I was to go to nightschool or back to university I’d be able to apply for a disability allowance and I noticed a few of the other things that people can claim for depending on the disability.

One of the things they can claim for is a non-medical helper who would help with note taking and various other things the person may have problems with. When I found out that they can claim up to £20k+ for a salary for this non-medical helper I turned to my wife…

Bob: Here…these folk make more than I do and all they do is take notes and stuff. £20k for sitting through classes and doing what you would normally do as a student isn’t bad.
Vonnie: Yup it’s pretty good isn’t it. Things must have changed from when I was at uni though as they used to be called enablers.
Bob: I think we should just quite our jobs and start being non-medical helpers. What do you think?
Vonnie: Bob… Your dyslexic.
Bob: Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

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  1. Ryan says:


    There’s always some little flaw in such plans …

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