The Silly Things We Try

Have you ever tried something out in game that at the outset sounded really bad? For us it started when one of our players found the old Complete Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge netbook. It’s possibly the most useless RPG book we every came across but it got a few ideas flowing.

Old Warriorby Stefan Hundhammer at Flickr

Our first foray into the world of bad ideas was making all the characters retired. The idea being that they had the skills but not the body to use them in the same way they used to. It sounds like a complete non-starter doesn’t it? Warriors no longer being able to lift their swords and falling over from the slightest bump. Mages known everything there is to know about magic but not having a body capable of controlling and channeling the magical energies required to actually cast anything. Rogues that can’t climb up a set of steps never mind a drainpipe.

Where we took this story instead was well away from the combat. In fact I can’t think of a single round of combat that the players actively took part in. Oh sure there were fights going on but not one of them involved a player directly. Everything became about getting one over on the other players. Not in a nasty way of course but playing tricks or beating them at competitions became the common theme of sessions.

Over the years I’d actually forgotten about this campaign until I watched an episode of Still Game called ‘Cairds’ where the story closely followed one of the funniest sessions we played. Our characters had fell foul of the local band of young ruffians and being to weak to fight them off decided to pay someone to do the fighting for them. In order to get the cash for this however they had to fix a game of cards. It took the combined skills of all the players to come up with a workable plan and follow it through. From the mage’s mathematical skills being used for counting cards to the rogue’s sneaky card tricks they had that angle all covered but the problem was that it was only the slightly dim warrior that was allowed into the card game.

I think maybe I should steal borrow a few story lines from Still Game for another session like this.

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