I’m Sick Of Being Sick

One of the reasons I haven’t been active on any of my blogs these last few weeks is that I’ve been sick. The other reasons are World of Warcraft and a messy house but I won’t go into those here. Basically I only go near Twitter at work as I’m always in front of a PC there and at home I never really get the chance to veg for 8 hours straight at a computer. Almost all my blog writing is done over lunch breaks which is also something I don’t generally get at home.

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I’ve now been ill for three weeks and I’ve a doctors line for another week at least. So what’s been wrong with me? Well the first week I was suffering from migraines. I wasn’t right at the Shaw’s wedding. I couldn’t quite place it but by the Monday morning I was suffering and that’s when I reached for the migraine medication. Before I took it though I reread the instructions and apparently your not supposed to take any triptans if you’ve had heart problems in the past which made me remember that any time I take the better of the two tablets I get chest tightenings and pains. The other kind of pill doesn’t have that problem but it doesn’t work anywhere near as well on the pain. A quick trip to the doctor later and he confirmed that I shouldn’t be taking them and should make do with paracetamol and ibuprofen until I get checked out and go for a treadmill test. The big problem with that is with my liver problems i can’t take paracetamol and ibuprofen doesn’t even begin to help with migraines.

Anyway… The migraine left after the fifth day and everything was fine. That is everything was fine until I woke up the next day and had the worst stomach upset I’ve had in years. Ever since then I’ve been on a toast and water/flat coke diet. That’s three weeks now. Every so often I try a proper meal to see if I’m any better and it all comes flooding back. For the first week I suffered really bad stomach cramps but I was given an anti-spasmodic which has meant I actually get to sleep at night now. My stomach now feels as though it’s constantly on edge though. I can’t relax and usually can’t get to sleep until I physically can’t stay awake anymore. It’s fun and games in our house. I also have an almost constant fatigue. I have no energy and really struggle to get any get up and go during the day.

To top it all off I have an appointment with the Liver doc on Wednesday to get the results back from his tests from three months ago. His initial diagnosis was a probable layer of fat that had built up around my liver which was throwing off all the blood test results which could be fixed with a diet but I’ve had another doctor suggest it might be Gilbert’s Syndrome which actually covers more of the ‘symptoms’ I have so we’ll need to see what happens.

I’m getting really bored with this now. Aside from my problems at work and the upcoming voluntary redundancy scheme that has just been put in place I must be nearing the 6 months full pay limit for sick leave. They should tell me when I get close to the limit but there has been problems in the past with it not happing to some people and overpayments occurring and I’ll be damned if I make things easy for them if that was to ever happen seeing as everything was supposed to be fixed so it didn’t happen again.

It’s way past my bedtime though so I’ll sign off and hope that I’m tired enough to sleep when I hit the pillow.

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  1. Hammer says:

    Get well soon man :(

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