On A Lighter Note

I hate The Big Bang Theory when it first started. In fact I’m sure I demanded my 24 minutes back after watching the pilot. I was drawn in near the end of season one however and the latest episode spawned some great, if your a geek, Twitter action.

For those that don’t know

sheldoncooper – Mee Maw or no, this isn’t over @wilw. teskas tal’tai-kleon!
wilw – @sheldoncooper I’m pretty sure that I’m the small rock to your enchanted bunny, Moon Pie.
sheldoncooper – I must admit, there’s somehting to this. RT @snickerdoodle85 now now… look at it this way now @wilw is your nemesis, all geniuses have one
sheldoncooper – @wilw In the now-more-relevant-than-ever words of Rondon, “You despicable Mellanoid Slime Worm. Liar!”

I think that’s in the right order.

Forget Stephen Fry… This is the reason for Twitter.

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  1. Watch TV Online Free says:

    Excellent never seen that on Twitter. Will have to watch @sheldoncooper more closely.

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