Something Is Missing…

I’ve found out what my problem has been with my writing output. I’ve spent the last six months trying to work out why I can’t keep my output up there where i want it and I’ve finally got to the bottom of it.

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A little background first. This blog has been going for years in various formats. My Dice Bag RPG blog has been going quite strongly for just over a year. Every other blog I write for gets articles posted as and when I find something to write for them. That was until I became unwell yet again for more than a few days and my resurgence stopped dead in it’s tracks. Two months later I get back to work and I start writing again. So what am I missing? What is the reason that I cannot write at home?

I don’t have a desk anymore.

When I gave up my desktop PC in favour of a laptop I also gave up my ability to sit at home and type. I can’t comfortably sit with the laptop on my legs and type and I can’t type whilst standing at the kitchen worktop either. Basically my productivity is nil when I’m at home.

Almost all of my blogging and writing these days is done over lunch breaks in the office as I’m at a desk in an environment designed to allow me to type without much distraction. Ok ok so open plan offices aren’t really designed for that but you get the picture. I’m in the correct position to be typing so when I do actually try I manage to get some writing down on the screen. Unfortunately whilst at work I can’t research posts very well due to inane firewalls and nosy-parkers wanting to know why your looking at whatever page I happen to have open on my screen over lunch time. This basically means all my Geekdad contributions have dried up completely. I need to rectify this.

Hopefully with the building work going on in my home just now and the possibility of going back to university in 9 months means that I may actually have both the space and the need as well as the desire to have a place to write.

I think I need to go shopping for a desk.

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