It Was A Good Journey

I went to pick up my camera earlier tonight only to find it had died.

Apparently it’s a common problem on the Canon 300D. The sub-mirror won’t retract when it’s taking a shot and so all I get is a photo that is black on two-thirds of it.

It can be fixed. I could fix it even. I’m get the feeling though that it’s going to cost an armand a leg to fix even though all it takes is a paperclip if I was brave enough to dig past the flash board and it’s capacitors.

Ho hum. :(

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  1. Vonnie says:

    .-= Vonnie´s last blog ..Me! =-.

  2. m0ok says:

    I see it’s looking like £100+ to fix – what’s the replacement cost likely to be?
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  3. Bob says:

    The cheapest one I’ve found so far is £285 but the camera is that dated that finding one for sale at a decent price is hard. In fact with them being that dated I’d want to buy one that had already been fixed with the same problem as they replace a flimsy plastic part with a metal part.

    To buy the 450D which has replaced it over the years would be about £400-500 depending on where you get it.

  4. m0ok says:


    No chance of giving the repair a bash, DIY-stylee?
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  5. Bob says:

    The actual repair is very easy but stripping the camera down to the level you need in order to do it is a bit more difficult. Aside from having to balance circuit boards in such a way that the wires done break under their own weight or ribbon cables rip you have to detach and place the flash board. That wouldn’t be a problem normally but unless you know what your doing and can discharge the capacitors on there safely your looking at having a board with a component holding around 300V’s that is almost too easy to touch sitting within cm’s of where your working with your hands and screwdrivers.

    The camera itself can still be used with a little glue/bluetac without doing the repair but it means the autofocus function doesn’t work which makes it almost impossible to use for anything other than still life.

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