Spring Cleaning Or Procrastinating?

I have something like 6 working days left before I finish up and enter the land of the unemployed. There are 101 things to get done both around the house and to do with the business and yet I find myself using my spare moments at my desk at work playing about with things like flickr and re-adding my photoblog to this site.

I spend stupid amounts of time clearing out and organising my desk when in 6 days I’m basically going to be pouring the stationary into the stationary cupboard and the rest of it into the recycling bin.

I’m twiddling my thumbs and hating every minute of it but thanks to my current flexi-leave deficit I need to spend as much time as physically possible at work. It doesn’t help when the snow comes down that bad though the buses have trouble getting about town. I should really start making plans for getting home before it gets any worse and I end up having to walk home.

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  1. m0ok says:

    6 days (probably 5 by now) to go? Man. It seems like the time has gone fast – how’s the atmosphere at work? Are you in until close of play Christmas Eve?
    .-= m0ok´s last blog ..My First Puja =-.

  2. Bob says:

    It’s….well I wouldn’t say christmasy. Everyone and their dog tried to submit their invoices before the last postal day so we’ve been hit with almost all the xmas invoices in one go. Thanks to the new government guidelines we have 10 days to process them once we receive them which works out as having 2 days to do my part.

    In a rather sneaky move they put me on the same section as my mother so if I don’t do any work she has to pick up the slack so it means I do actually have a vested interest in getting through it until the day I finish up.

    As for when I’ve finishing..Both Christmas Eve and Hogmany are unofficial half days. Or at least they were. The rule was that one the head of the building had gone home you could leave as well and as the old head used to live in the countryside he always left early. He’s since quit and we have a new one….no idea if the same rules will apply though.

    I’ll be leaving at lunchtime though ;)

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