Hunter Journal – Day 1

Day one, the first day of my new life. Two fucking words = whole world of trouble. It started with the camping trip.  We were in a secluded spot, a short car  journey from Aviemore. Our plans reached about as far as getting drunk and stoned. About twelve hours ago our plans took a turn for the worst, it took us a further four hours to really notice it. It all started with the damn dog.

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We had been walking by the river, acting like big drunk kids, pushing each other into the water, hitting each other with sticks, stupid childish things that drunken guys do. When the dog came out of the bushes it came as quite a shock. Now personally, I fucking hate dogs. I’m pretty scared of them and they don’t seem to like me much either. This was a dog from my nightmares. Fucking huge, looked like it could take a chunk from any of us. That stupid bugger Davy starts waving a stick at it. Fearless it was too, just kept coming towards us growling. forced us all back to into the river. Then it turned tail and ran off, but that sure as hell wasn’t our doing.

When we got back to the camp things didn’t get any better. Someone had been there, going through out things. Nothing was missing but nobody likes getting their shit disturbed. Me, Rab and Stuart jumped in Davy’s van and followed the tyre tracks. They led us to a little wooden cottage, falling apart with age. Rab started nosing about when the owners turned up. Five folk with shotguns (and that fucking dog again) tell Rab that it’s in our best interests to clear out. Wish I’d taken that advice.

So we hurry back to the others and get packed up. The campsite is cleared in five minutes, tents are just pulled up and thrown into the back of the van. We get turned around and the fucking van dies. Davy jumps out and starts tinkering with the engine. Stuarts getting really nervous by this point and climbs up on to the roof to keep lookout I suppose. Big Rab gives him some company. Then it starts to get dark in the middle of summer, late evening and it’s getting dark. Heavy clouds were rolling in and the wind was building up to a gale. You could just feel the change in the air, kinda like how you can feel a thunder storm coming. In fact it was exactly like that. From the inside of the van we all heard Stuart’s mobile phone beep. Now his phones loud but to hear it above all the wind and engine noise? Not possible. Next thing Stuarts phone hits the windscreen in pieces as Big Rab jumps from the roof of the van and takes off at a run up the road. We can only look on with a bemused ‘What the fuck?” Then the wind picked up, whipping all the bushes and trees into a frenzy. One of the shotgun welcoming committee bursts from the treeline screaming at us to run. He turns and lets off his shotgun into the trees, but we can’t see if it hits a damn thing. So I jump and start shouting at Davy. “Come on the fuck man, we need to get the fuck out of here.” Davy slams down the bonnet and runs around the back of the van. He jumps and gets a big fucking machete, sticks it in the ground and jumps underneath. All the phones start beeping and they sound very loud for small phones. One text message. RUN. Shotgun guy runs back into the trees , shooting at god knows what. More shots ring out from further up the road. I run to the front of the van to see Big Rab standing over a dead body shooting at some big fucking thing.

If I thought that mutt from earlier was the worst thing I would see today then I was very fucking wrong. This thing stood eight feet tall and was covered in black fur. It’s forearms were as think as my head, it’s claws were the length of my forearms. Big Rab let off a few more shots then this thing takes off heading for the bushes. Big Rab runs back towards us. The monster appears back on the path behind him. The whole time Day’s still under the van and I’m kicking him. Then Stuart takes off like a fucking bunny and flees into the woods. Shotgun guy bursts from cover and heads for the two Rabs at the front of the van and starts taking shots at the big fucking beast again. Davy jumps out from underneath, jumps in the van and guns the engine into life. I run off after Stuart I’m able to catch up with him. He was crying, just sitting by the river and crying. We gotta go I tell him as I drag him back. I throw him into the back of the van and the shotgun guy throws his knapsack in behind us. He shoots this thing in the chest at point blank range, I swear I could see right through it. It must have been knocked back about ten feet by the blast. Nothing could survive that. He grabbed the door to pull himself in and the beast spears him from behind with those big fucking claws.It was horrible, blood was pissing from the guys chest all over the back of the van. It ripped out his stomach. Davy floors the van and we spend the next ten minutes bouncing about like fuck before we hit the main road. We pull into a layby and breath a sigh of release. Then we take a collective ‘What eh fuck’ before letting loose with questions that none of us can answer. Rab tells us to wait there and runs off up the road. Stuarts found himself a bottle of vodka and is well on the way to unconsciousness which is probably for the best.

So Big Rab starts ripping the tents up and using the canvas to clean up the van as best we can. I grab Shotgun guys knapsack and start nosing about. There is a journal (my inspiration for this), a file of computer print outs from the net, some chocolate, some ammo, a few handguns and a big ornate silver knife. Flicking through the file one word jumps out at me, Werewolf. How the fuck are we supposed to accept that? What the fuck tried to warn us? Mostly I wanted to know what the fuck was going on.

We take some time to tally up and find that we now have three handguns, a shotgun, a machete and this big silver knife. A Fiesta comes flying up the roaf and screeches to a halt beside the van, out steps Rab. “I stole it” he proudly announced. So Big Rab and me jump in the back. Graeme and Rab up front. We tell Davy to take the van and meet us at the travel lodge in Aviemore. Then another car pulls up. It’s like a flatbed farmers truck. This big guy steps out and asks us “Is that your car?” So I get out the passenger seat and say “No mate, it’s a rental.” He walks over to me, grabs me by my collar and says “You only had a van!” He throws me over the car with one arm. Graeme jumps out the passenger seat and gets knocked aside. The guy starts changing, growing, sprouting hair. I’m back on my feet and rooting around in my (Shotgun Guys) knapsack for a weapon when I grab the big silver knife. Mr Monstro jumps in to the car making a grab at Rab who managed to get his door open and jump clear. The thing grabs the front seats and pulls himself round till he’s level with Big Rab. Big Rab levels the shotgun and fires. In the enclosed space the sound is immense. All the Fiestas windows blow out. Mr Monstro fires through the windscreen and collapses across the bonnet before sliding off in the blood. I jump forward and ram the knife through the back of his neck. He throws me back but I keep a grab of the knife, ripping it out as I fall. Rab jumps back in and guns the Fiestas engine, flooring it and pinning Mr Monstro between the fiesta and his own truck. Big Rab levels the shotgun at his head and blows it off. Before we can register any of this police lights appear further back, from the way that Rab came. We root around on the dead body for car keys. Davy Takes off in the van with Stuart and we follow in the flatbed.

We caught up with Davy,got out stuff and headed out to a more out of the way travel lodge on the motorway. We’ve booked in and barricaded the door with the bed. We’re all really tired but none of us reckon we can sleep. I had a bit of a look through Shotgun Guys journal and files, it’s all cray shit about werewolves and vampires. I hope none of this is real, but if you can’t trust your own eyes… I just want to go home. Some of us feel like we should go back to the cabin and find Shotgun Guys friends, they might need our help but then again what can we do? I just want to stop feeling like my head is up my arse.


This game was run by Willie. He has never been the biggest fan of rules and if I recall correctly it was his first time running a World of Darkness game of any kind. I think the WOD system suited him perfectly as he is a very story led GM. He relied on Mark and myself for rules clarifications and didn’t worry about what you could and couldn’t do with the rules. It was a better game for it.

It should be noted that in this game I am known as Big Rab for those that haven’t known me in real life for the last 15 years. You can tell where someone knows me from by whether they call me Big Rab, Robert or Bob.

All our characters had the skills we ourselves had. When I fired that shotgun I was doing so at huge minus to my rolls where as Davy was doing really well fixing that van using his own experience and skills to give him bonus dice.

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  1. Mark says:

    This takes me back :) Get the rest typed up !

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