I Finally Found It

I’ve spent countless hours hunting for a bit of blogging software that could pull photos from my Flickr account and put them into a page that looks good. Most of the software I’ve tried in the past has meant re-uploading the photos again to my own server and having to code my own exif retreaver. This really annoyed me.

Recently though I found Flogr. It’s everything I ever wanted in photoblogging software. It even links in with Flickr’s commenting system to display those as well as the correct exif data, photo titles and descriptions. All I need to do is throw a photo in to a set put aside for my photoblog and it is automatically picked up by the software. I love it!

Just before Christmas my beloved 300D died. The autofocus sub assembly broke causing every photo I took to have the bottom two thirds blanked out. Thanks to Santa however a replacement was found in the shape of a 500D. It’s great but I’m having to relearn a lot of post processing work as I was used to the results that the 300D gave me straight from the camera. Photos are very soft and in dire need of sharpening and slight colour correction once they get thrown into Lightroom. The results are great however.

Still trying to work on the white balance settings on the 500D but it makes for some nice photos of the family.

The cats seemed to like the snow at first but Horatio seems to live on the top of the fence now.

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