Small But Important Steps

Today marks another step on the long road towards being our own bosses. The first lease application was sent off today.

I’d like to say it was a joint effort but Vonnie did all the hard work and I signed at the crosses and took it to the Post Office to be sent off on it’s way. So where does that leave us now? Well it still has to be accepted so we’ve got that uncertainty to deal with but we’re moving on regardless. A few pieces of furniture and bit’s and bob’s for the shop have already started being delivered. In most cases it would be silly to get things like furniture bought and delivered before we have premises but in this case they fold flat and to behonest without knowing when we’ll get a place and a move in date and being on a strict budget we have to take advantage of the sales when they are on.

Things are starting to move :)

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  1. m0ok says:

    w00t! Any idea how long the application will take to process?
    .-= m0ok´s last blog ..So If You Want, Rain God, Go Ahead And Rain. =-.

  2. Bob says:

    I honestly have absolutely no idea. If they have no faith in the business then we should hear quickly and likewise if they like it. They might however hold off for a while to see if they can get anyone else interested as it hasn’t actually been advertised yet I don’t think.

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