It’s All Go Go Go!

I honestly don’t know where the last 2 months have went. When I was off work sick with my heart problems a couple of years ago the 4 months I was sitting at home for felt like an absolute age where as this time it really does feel as though I only finished up at DFID a couple of weeks ago.

Things never stop here. We ‘work’ until we’re exhausted and then all our spare time is taken up either being ill or being to tired to do anything other than go to bed at 8pm and struggle to sit through a TV show before collapsing into a restless sleep. When I was still working I went to work Monday until Friday and when I got home each night I’d cook dinner, watch the kids to give Vonnie a little break and then once they went to bed we’d have three or four hours to ourselves. Saturdays would be the family days to rest up and Sundays would be busy with everyone coming and going all day. At the end of every night we’d have those few hours though to unwind and relax. Not so any more.

I don’t know what the difference is but these days your lucky if we’re both awake past 9pm on any night of the week. On those occasions where we are actually capable of not falling asleep on out feet we’ve got 101 other things to get done. Currently I’m trying to put the finishing touches to design for the shops website. I’ve managed to bluff my way through javascript editing and after playing with designs for a few days I’m trying to convince myself I do actually know enough CSS to make it look the way I hope it should. For every thing we manage to check off on the to-do list another six appear at the end of it.

We tried to raid the Au Naturale stores yesterday for any and all shop fittings that we thought we’d need. The only thing we seen that wasn’t ruined wouldn’t fit where we needed it to anyway so other than crockery and a few bits and pieces it was a wasted journey on that front.

In other news I’m sitting here listening to the new Gorillaz album in an attempt to find something to say about it in a review. I’m really struggling. It’s not what I’ve came to expect from them and finding it hard to get into if I’m completely honest. As singles I think they’ll do well but as an album it’s lacking something that I can’t quite put my finger on. We’ll see how it does after a few more listens.

I’m so behind with everything these days. I’ve got my final 28 Day Project photos to edit and upload to Flickr. Don’t hold your breath by the way. They can only be described as photoblog photographs rather than good photographs. It served it’s purpose to get me taking photos every day though. Now I just need to keep that energy going forward and actually try and improve.

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