Somethings Not Quite Right

I’m feeling out of sorts and I can’t work out why. I’ve got a few ideas for contributing factors but I can’t work out the main thing that’s causing it.

The shop is dragging on and everything is, or was, resting on the lease being signed. Once that gets signed then everything else starts to fall into place as the bank accounts can then be set up and various other bits of paperwork can finally start to be processed. Everything fits neatly onto a timeline but they need that signed lease to kickstart it. Theres a few fears about the state of the place but we should be getting the report in the next couple of days so we’ll see how that changes things. It’s taken five months to get to where we are now so I’ll be buggered if we don’t get this thing kickstarted one way or another soon.

Everything today has just fell apart. If it’s not Vonnie’s laptop falling and cracking it’s me smashing eggs on the kitchen floor. The kids have been far worse than usual today and if Nairn wasn’t ignoring everyone to do his own thing he was hitting Erica. Erica just couldn’t settle into her usual rhythm today at all and Greer refused to go down for a sleep for most of today.

Thinking about it now I’ve spent the most part of the last couple of months wearing a moonboot on my foot thanks to damaged ligaments and the only thing I’ve been looking forward to was being healthy enough to climb up The Cobbler which I’ve now done. I’ve got nothing planned to look forward too. The shop is a lot of work so I’m finding it hard to get excited about it at the moment and after seeing the front page of the test shop on my parents computer yesterday looking awful the thought of going back through all that code again to fix it is filling me with dread. In fact I’m sure that’s it. So much so I’m going to spend tomorrow working out my next couple of months to give me something to look forward to and see if that picks my mood up any.

Heres hoping….

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