I Quit My Job 5 Months Ago And What Do I Have To Show For It?

Other than spending a lot of quality time with my family I have to say not a whole hell of a lot. Well straight off that’s a lie but sometimes I do wake up in the morning thinking that.

Just over a month ago our chickens were lost in a fox incident and after several years of them wrecking out garden we decided that until we had tidied up the place and got it back on it’s feet we wouldn’t get any more. We worked hard on the garden. We had four years of detritus sitting along one wall of our garden and by that I mean enough lumber to build a 20′ fence, old garden toys, two old chicken coops, 12′ of hedge that was chainsawed to the the ground last summer and various bits that we’d just never managed to get sent to the dump. It was a mess and with the addition of the chickens destroying out grass you only need to look on Google Maps to see that Princess Buttercup would have been worried if she had to walk into it.

Anyway as I say we’ve worked hard. The current chicken coop has been moved to a more suitable location in the garden with a paving stone floor and woodchip coating, the shed that sat all winter unbuilt under a tarp at my back door has been built, we’ve dug a flowerbed at the bottom of the garden and filled it with plenty of green things just waiting for the colour to arrive, our veg is thriving this year without hens to eat any green thing as it pokes out from the dirt and almost all that rubbish has been sent to the dump or put somewhere better for storage. It actually looks like a garden since almost the first few weeks since we moved into this house. Oh and we picked up three new chickens yesterday which are settling in fine to their new home.

Vonnie also found her old dog on Gumtree the other day so she’s came to live with us as well.

Things are moving along slowly but surely with the business. We should hopefully hear next week if out dream shop is ours or not. The landlord lives in Palm Springs so communication can be slow at times but he’s looking over all the applicants this weekend apparently so hopefully we’ll get some good news next week. Vonnie and Jennie have been running sewing classes over the last few weeks to test out some of the tutorials and that side of things seems to be going swimmingly.

The Life Craft

The big news though is that our online shop went live a couple of days ago. We don’t have all our stock yet as we are waiting on shipments from the US and a few other lines won’t be stocked until we get a physical shop so bear with us but it’s out there. Now we just need to get our name in front of a lot more people and things should hopefully start to pick up!

Now that the shop has launched I thought I might have a bit more free time for things like blogging and general personal time but the list for post-launch is even bigger than pre-launch so maybe I’ll see you guys sometime next year!

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