May I have ten thousand marbles, please?

What’s up next? Movies!

Movies are different for me but that’s possibly down to them being more of a visual thing than music. I have a very definite list of favourite films that very rarely gets updated. Finding a favourite amongst them though is another story so your stuck with a few from that top bunch.

Dead Poets Society
To this day I don’t know what it is about this film that makes me like it so much. It’s slow. One of it’s main characters is a poetry teacher. It sometimes makes me cry. All things I would normally say rule out a film from being in that lucky bunch of movies I call my favourites.

I guess it’s the inspirational side of the film that keeps me coming back for repeat viewings.

Pump Up The Volume
If ever there was a film I could put on and never become bored by it then this is it. It’s not the greatest or most original storyline but I think Christian Slater’s character being the quiet and shy one at school was just to close to home.

Animal House
This one doesn’t need any explanation. When National Lampoon films were good.

I could easily list another 10 films for this list but these will do until the next time I need to pick a favourite.

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